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O lápis que vê

O lápis que vê

25 de Outubro, 2018

I had to...

Ana Isabel Sampaio

I had to let go of people I wanted to keep forever.

It has become my biggest strength and the key to my soul freedom. If you understand that you have to give people the space and respect to follow their path even if it leads astray from you, you understand that you have to give yourself the same respect and space.

Understand that love is all mighty and ever lasting and cannot be encompassed or restrained. It flows everywhere. It never ceases. It finds new ways of expression.

So don’t waste my time with petty things...  Anything that is not soulfull is not enough...

(Desta vez é só em inglês. O meu cérebro deriva vezes demais nessa língua e há expressões que fazem tão mais sentido…)